Cellular Foam Concrete Technologies, promotes the use of green building materials, for this mission, we provide to the international construction industry, an environmental friendly building technology, we offer a versatile line of heavy duty equipment and additives for the lightweight cellular concrete production (LCC), mainly to be used in precast and cast-in-place building methods. Construction companies can increase profits and save valuable time using Lightweight cellular concrete (LCC) technologies.

Cellular Foam Concrete Technologies, provides you with tomorrow´s knowledge today and helps you, using the most innovative technology, to optimize your building processes, whilst at the same time improving product quality and ecological sustainability.

By working together and integrating the technologies used in buildings, we can optimize them to reduce energy consumption and improve safety.

LCC use can be a partial solution for several environmental problems, deforestation could be substantially reduced by relinquishing the demand for timber used in residential construction.

¡Welcome to the Lightweight Cellular Concrete World!

Tests and certificates from various authorities indicate that a lightweight cellular concrete wall of 150mm (6") thickness achieves in excess of a four hour fire rating.
Wall thickness (150mm) - Density (1200 kg/m³) - R-value = 25
l (kcal/m * h * grd) - lightweight concrete density 1200 kg/m³ l= 0,38
Lightweight cellular concrete facade components are face shells in the acoustic sense that improve sound insulation.
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